Bob Harding
Bob Harding

Bob Harding has worked in education for over 30 years.

Starting his working life as an electrical engineer Bob began by designing control systems for coal mines (with an emphasis on under ground railway signalling).  Aged 24 he retrained to become a teacher of electronics and worked initially in Design and Technology.

As computers became more and more pervasive in schools (1980s) Bob found that this occupied more and more of his time and it wasn’t long before ICT became a core component of his teaching.

Bob became the subject leader for ICT in a 1000+ secondary (K12) school in Wiltshire where he developped a network spanning 5 main buildings and almost 7 acres.  When the National Curriculum for ICT was introduced Bob introduced lessons for all students and offered a range of courses including GNVQ, GCSE, DiDA, AVCE as well as parents classes and courses for primary teachers.

SInce 2005 Bob has worked for a local education authority as an ICT consultant for secondary schools, working with pupils aged 11 – 19.  He has worked with the National Strategies to develop national resources to support the renewed National Curriculum and recently has been working on the introduction of Functional Skills and ‘Assessing Pupil Progress’ in ICT.

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  1. Hi Bob,

    I am about to start in September a HOD of ICT job in Salisbury and wanted to find out if in Wiltshire they have an ICT team to support HODs and teaching of ICT in the county. Could you send me any contact details that I can use to organise a meeting to discuss ICT education ready for my near start.


  2. Hi Bob,

    Absolutely love the website and would very much appreciate one of the ICT Nugget pens, i can never resist a freebie…haha!

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