Digital Me and Mozilla Badges

Digital Me recently presented to #sldm schools in Wiltshire and seemed to gather a lot of interest in the projects that they are developing.  It was announced today that they have been accepted as a candidate for Mozilla Badges and will be in the forefront of this work (along with several US  Universities, the Smithsonian, Taking IT Global (a Microsoft Backed initiative), STEM, the OU and many others).

I think that this is a really exciting development and holds a great deal of promise for the future.

Press Release

Badge details for S2R

(if anyone is keen to develop S2R then this is done through Radiowaves – and I can help with this if you like)

Tips for safer Vista

Tekzilla provides a technical tip for the day in a vidcast format usually about a minute long.  This one is about how to implement parental controls in Vista.  The video itself seems fine but an advert seems to get tagged on the end at random.

The site also has good download options – nice to see for a change.


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