A Human Cyborg

Neil Harbisson has been claimed to be the first recognized cyborg in the world, as his passport photo now includes his device.

His ‘vision’ now includes infra red and will soon include Ultra Violet – thereby extending the capabilities of the human body.

I find I can dream in colour, the device isn’t the thing that makes me a cybory but the interaction between the software and my brain.

Introductory video on Vimeo

TED talk

Another blast

Some of you will have noticed that ICT Nuggets has been very quiet for a while …..  This is because I was wondering “What’s the point?”

I still wonder but thought that maybe the time is right to give it all another go with the hope that I will get some feedback and encouragement to carry on.

I was looking for an image for ‘BLAST’ and found this one – I liked it because it also conveys the idea of ‘impact’



School Website now a legal Requirement

There is now a requirement for all maintained schools in England to publish a website and provide basic information to cover:

  • contact details
  • admission arrangements
  • link to latest Ofsted report
  • Key Stage 2/Key Stage 4 results
  • link to DfE performance tables
  • curriculum information
  • behaviour policy
  • details of the pupil premium grant, SEN and charging
  • statement of ethos and values


Full information at www.legislation.gov.uk/uksi/2012/1124/made;

more on this from the DfE here,

and an FAQ here.

XBox SmartGlass

I’ve just has a look at there two trailers and am trying to get my head around what is going on here.

Initially I was thinking that it looked like the sort of functionality found in Apple AirPlay/ Apple TV but clearly there is a LOT more going on. I note the ‘Windows 8’ design influence in the gaming and web experience designs – both seem very ‘touch enabled’.

The worry (for me) is that whilst the technology looks developed and thought through the user experience is the critical thing.  Microsoft Surface and Kinect both look fabulous but both mean little to the man on the street.  The voice activated remote control COULD be superb, coupled with Kinect then it’s possible that you could really have something.

Microsoft Unveils XBox SmartGlass

SmartGlass Demo

Of course the ‘leap’ that we spoke about a few weeks ago could superseed all of this, who knows?

Idea for a news paper

I’ve just been told about ‘The Day’ by a friend of mine – thank you John.

At one level The Day is another blog but it is cleverly organised and presented in a consistent and ‘child friendly’ way (without being condescending).

The Day provides a summary of the news in a way that is digestible to schools and is lined to both curriculum foci and to cross curricular themes.  As well as an RSS feed there is an email service and a printable PDF service.

The service is by subscription so I guess you’ll need to be sure that you will use it but given that it’s a really difficult job to get daily news to pupils this could be something that is VERY worthwhile.


The Day

Geeky Christmas

After a few fairly serious posts I think it’s time for something a little more light hearted so here are a few Christmas presents to feed the inner Geek. 

image Recycled CD decorations (also circuit boards (and look out for the potato raincoat))


image Social ornaments


image Snowman USB Hub (robotic sound, scanning eye moving arms)


image 8 Bit ‘old school’ holly  Wreath


Three interesting design ideas and a snowman!

Michael Gove to open BETT 2012

eMap confirmed today that Michael Gove will open the BETT show this year.

It’s normal of course to have a high profile figure opening BETT but this announcement is significant because of the various curriculum reviews happening at the moment and the mounting pressure for leadership and guidance relating to ICT and ‘computer science’.

Michael Gove himself has said that he will be making significant an announcement(s) in the new year and this might be an obvious place.

The last significant proclamation came in 2007 when the online test that so many people had invested time and effort in were dropped.

News from the ‘Department’

Michael Gove spoke to The Schools Network (formerly SSAT) on the 1st Dec.

The speech is very interesting and addresses some (but by no means all) key  concerns.  You can see the transcript here.

I’m particularly interested in the second part as this really starts to address the teaching and learning aspects and chimes with my own ideas to a surprising degree.  Mr Gove provides a lot of generalities with few specifics though.

I am absolutely committed to ensuring that our school system not only prepares pupils for this changing world, but also embraces the technological advances which are transforming education.

A nice statement simply backed up by:

we’ll be saying more in the new year.

I am pleased however that he has ‘got’ the bit about transforming learning rather than just doing the same as we do now but with a computer.  I’m pleased that gaming and programming appears to be small parts of a much bigger picture and I’m pleased that he has seen that the picture is about ICT AND cross curricular use and that there are other element sin the mix (eg, teacher training and school efficiency).

The Rasberry Pi still gets a positive mention – not bad given that you can only buy keyboard stickers (as in a single sticky image), as do books by Chubb & Moe and by Michael Nielsen (so there are two books for the Christmas list maybe?)

It all kind of points to BETT being a little higher profile than normal? – maybe?


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