e-Learning tips and tricks

I’ve not seen this yet but it looks like it may be a useful resource.

It’s a PDF file containing a variety of tips and ideas for working with e-learning in the following categories:

  • Courseware authoring and e-Learning development tools
  • Rapid e-Learning tools
  • Simulation tools
  • Media tools
  • Combining and deploying authoring tools




Keeping personal information personal is a key topic at the moment. There are still many, many pupils who don’t really understand some really basic ideas about their digital footprint.

Making this information interesting without lecturing from the front is a challenge but these resources may provide a different way to approach the topic.

Google has created a privacy channel where product providers can present specific examples of security, they have created some useful examples on Google privacy to start with. This may sound a little ’dull’ to start with but have a look at the firs and you’ll see it’s a really clear explanation about how the internet works.

This looks like a really useful resource and might well develop into an excellent one.

Google Privacy Channel

Jurassic Park for real?

No of course not … but ….

What you can expect when Dubai’s $1 billion "Restless Planet" park opens in late 2008?

It’s a 500,000 square foot recreation of our planet at a time when dinosaurs roamed and equipped with over 40 realistic anamatronic animals.

I remember seeing the Triceratops from Jurassic Park (the one that was asleep – remember?) in a display at Bristol. Ed was terrified and I have to say it was VERY lifelike. That was probably 8 or 9 years ago. Things will have come on since then.

I feel a new robotics project coming on.



Fake or Hyperreal

Can the copy be worth more than the real?

Not just an ICT/copyright issue but with reproduction of almost any kind of artifact now becoming increasingly easy I wonder if ’original’ is going to loose it’s worth.

Just a thought – read the article for more info including details of the Chinese reproduction art school shown below



Nice personalisation

For those who use Firefox as their browser of choice (I’ll bet that this will include almost everyone who reads this!) there is a new personilastion option.

Personas allow a quick was to ’skin’ firefox without worrying about any technical bits. Just click the install and then select the persona you want. I currently use ’snowman’ but there are loads to choose and they are really easy to use.


Firefox Personas

Donate 10P for free?

This looks like a nice flash animation.

I’ve no idea if they actually donate any money or not but if your pupils have a minute to spare and want to play then it may be worth a look.

Not very interactive though – perhaps pupils could suggest improvements and comment here? – I’d welcome their thoughts.


BC Hydro Christmas Card

You Tube for Teacher

You may have You Tube blocked at school or you may just want to look for some useful resources for teaching. Teacher Tube is trying to keep all uploaded videos safe and relevent.

One example could be ’hotmaths’ where pupils can watch worked examples being explained for them.

Well worth a look I’d say but be warned – quite a lot of teachers apparently think that filming powerpoint makes an interesting video! (still may provide some ideas for next years WISCAS)


Teacher Tube

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