Making Windows 8 usable again

I’m possibly not a great person to talk to about Windows 8, whilst I have used it I don’t have it installed on my PC and still struggle with it every time.  Metro styling on a phone seems fine but I still don’t like it on my PC and too much is hidden for my preference however … it does seem that Microsoft are working on it and may have an announcement soon.

In the mean tine the windoe=ws customisation company Startdock ahve come up with 2 really useful sounding tools – Start8 and ModernMix.

Start8 returns the full power of Windows 7 back to the user and allows the machine to boot straight to a desktop environment (complete with start menu).

ModernMix allows an App to run in a window – perfect – what is the point of an app taking a 21 or 14 inch screen?

I’m going to be upgrading soon I think …. now that these tools are here

Get an overview here

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  1. Great tool Bob. I am going to try the free versio of Start8 and see how it runs on my windows 8 machine and let you know

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