Lessons in Leadership

Whether you are a classroom teacher, a middle manager of a school leader you will have a leadership role, so how much thought do you give to your style of leadership?

This light hearted article on the leadership of James T Kirk make an easy ready but makes some sensible points.

    1. Keep exploring and learning.
    2. Ensure that we encourage creativity and innovation by listening to the advice of people with vastly different opinions.
    3. Occasionally get down in the trenches with the members of our teams so we understand their needs and earn their trust and loyalty.
    4. Understand the psychology of others
    5. Radically change course when circumstances dictate.

It’s easy to dismiss these but there is some useful stuff there if you are ready to think about the first point.


One thought on “Lessons in Leadership

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  1. To boldly lead where no one had led before. I love it… it’s good to have a titter now and again… and yet… there is much truth in this (as indeed, there was insight in Star Wars… Could this be the start of other “lessons from fictional leaders” I treasure my “Tao of Pooh” – great book.

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