One to One is doomed?

Most discussion about the takeup of individual computing devices that I get involved with quickly becomes about apple vs PC or iOS vs Android.  Sometimes we spin off in the direction of better infrastructure or maybe even about physical problems (labs or not, charging etc)

It’s seldom that I talk to anyone about what really matters – changing the way that pupils learn.

Focussing on the technology is (IMHO) doomed because there will always be a different piece of kit tomorrow (same applies to teaching ‘software skills’).  It was just over 3 years ago that the iPad was launched, until then we didn’t know we needed one.

This interesting short article from Alan November sums up some of the key concerns about technology in Education.  It’ll take just a minute to read.

I’m keen to say that OF COURSE you need to teach how to do things – we teach the mechanics or writing so that pupils can communicate – the physical act of writing is never an end in itself.  To continue this analogy – much of the time we’re not worried about which device is used, pencil, pen or chalk.

Unless the school leadership has a clear focus on where they want to take teaching and learning any technology driven program will not return the investment.


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