The Draft National Curriculum

There has been so much nonsense spoken about the National Curriculum over the past few years that it hard to know where to start to comment but the current draft proposal is so wide of the target that it probably tops the lot.

It isn’t that I disagree particularly with anything that is in the document it more about what isn’t in it. 

I’ve spoken to many people about this and the most positive comment is “just ignore it”, nobody (not one person) has said that it is (anything like) suitable for purpose at it stands.   Part of me cries out that the National Curriculum is probably redundant now in any case so there is no point in getting too excited and part of me wonders why anyone would go to such lengths to create something that is so strongly disapproved of.

If you’ve not seen it yet then here it is.

You can check that you have the right document by looking for:

  • Key Stage 1
    Pupils should be taught to:  Understand what algorithms are

(yep – KS1 – 5 years old)

The document is currently in it’s final consultation stage.  There is an online form for uploading a document in Word format.  Submissions have to be complete by 16th April.

DfE Submission form

There is also a template Word Document hat can be used:

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