Another blast

Some of you will have noticed that ICT Nuggets has been very quiet for a while …..  This is because I was wondering “What’s the point?”

I still wonder but thought that maybe the time is right to give it all another go with the hope that I will get some feedback and encouragement to carry on.

I was looking for an image for ‘BLAST’ and found this one – I liked it because it also conveys the idea of ‘impact’



3 thoughts on “Another blast

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  1. Hi Bob, I have missed your nuggets… they were useful, thoughtful and bite-sized (byte?). Carry on I’d say! However, I understand your worry that “there might not be anyone out there” I share that perspective some times… but the alternative is what? See things of use, or issues that need raising and say nothing? I know what I’d advise….

  2. Hi Bob, I am an ICT coordinator at a primary school in London. I have been visiting your blog since September and hope that you carry on. 🙂

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