Program of Study Update

A little more clarity is emerging from the discussions about the revised PoS.  Several people have started to explain their view of the discussion to date and each update reads slightly differently but there are some clear ideas emerging – remember that this is just at a pre public consultation phase.

  • It will be called ICT and probably consider aspects called Computer Science, Information Technology and Digital Literacy 
  • The PoS will be reduced.  It has to fit on 1 page of A4 for each key stage plus a summary page – 5 in total.  (be generous here – I can understand what they are trying to do – it’s too easy to mock this approach)
  • Ambition and Excitement are important (it’s a shame that this has to be spelt out – but it does!)
  • Need to think about KS4.  ICT is compulsory for all so does ‘Computer Science’ fulfil this requirement.  What if a person opts out? (at long last it looks as if someone might tackle this)

I am really pleased by this and think that the general direction seems to be very positive. 

This has been (and realistically – continues to be) an uncertain time for ICT but the path ahead seemed to be becoming clearer and folk are talking sunshine and lovely views on the other side of the hill.

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