Changes, challenges and opportunities

The only certainty in life is change and the change is happening faster and faster.  Many conference keynote speakers start with a trip through the ‘old days’ and it’s not that long ago – can you remember when the ‘must have’ console was the Wii? – that was 2006.

Teachers of ICT are acutely aware of this and it presents us with a constant stream of challenges.  This is why it’s essential to have a clear handle on what it is we want the children to learn rather than focussing on either the hardware or the software (this isn’t the same as knowing ‘about’ hardware and software).

My own list of change frustration would include:

  • Windows8 – I use my desktop for all serious work, I don’t want a touch interface (I think)
  • iGoogle – I’ve spent ages getting my iGoogle sorted and have a home page that REALLY works for me.  Now it’s going.
  • iPhone5 – Not another new docking connector surely – Due for launch in October? – maybe
  • The curriculum – don’t get me started

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  1. Hi Bob,
    I’ve forced myself to use Windows 8; it’s coming whether we like it or not, and I feel that it’s my job to start using it now to determine how we should be best using it in Education. After installing it, hating it, uninstalling it, leaving it, then installing it again, putting on Office and a couple of other programs I use regularly to force myself in to using it daily, I’m starting to like it! It did take me two weeks, though… Persevere!
    I still don’t think the start screen really works for desktops – great for my Dell XT2 tablet, awful for the desktop. But, I rarely see the start screen on my desktop! A couple of tweaks found on the internet, and WIndows 8 boots straight to the desktop, pin a couple of icons to the task bar – and it’s a great operating system. (Should I admit to having to search for a YouTube video showing me how to shut it down?)
    I had some ideas of how I could use the Metro Live Tiles for some sort of school dashboard. It looks like RM have already got their “ICT Break” app in the Windows App Store and I’m sure there’ll be more to come.

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