XBox SmartGlass

I’ve just has a look at there two trailers and am trying to get my head around what is going on here.

Initially I was thinking that it looked like the sort of functionality found in Apple AirPlay/ Apple TV but clearly there is a LOT more going on. I note the ‘Windows 8’ design influence in the gaming and web experience designs – both seem very ‘touch enabled’.

The worry (for me) is that whilst the technology looks developed and thought through the user experience is the critical thing.  Microsoft Surface and Kinect both look fabulous but both mean little to the man on the street.  The voice activated remote control COULD be superb, coupled with Kinect then it’s possible that you could really have something.

Microsoft Unveils XBox SmartGlass

SmartGlass Demo

Of course the ‘leap’ that we spoke about a few weeks ago could superseed all of this, who knows?

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