3 Bad Teachers

In an interesting Article (unrelated to ICT) Alex Wood suggests 3 types of teacher that might be classed as less than ‘Good’

  1. There are the under-confident, under-skilled but improvable teachers. For them to improve, schools must quickly identify such weaknesses and then to provide the necessary support and professional development which such teachers need. That happens.
  2. More significant, and intransigent, are the burned-out teachers who might once have been high quality but have lost their zest. Their lessons are dull rather than poor, their expectations are low, their classroom management is draconian rather than proportionate, their staffroom chat is negative and cynical.  They also must be spotted, supported and developed. That will not always be sufficient. In some cases a move to another school, another setting, can be an opportunity to revive commitment and enthusiasm. If these strategies don’t work, there is a bigger problem.
  3. There is a small cohort of very poor teachers. School managers know them. There are mechanisms, which can lead to dismissal, to deal with such teachers. Providing these procedures are properly implemented, my own experience is that the unions will co-operate with appropriate action, first to support, but second (where necessary), to discipline and dismiss a teacher who does not meet the professional standards.

Interesting food for though in the context of the so called plethora of ‘dull ICT lessons’.

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