this is one to keep an eye on ….

Google is developing ‘Blockly’ – a programming interface similar to ‘Scratch’ but (I think) capable of outputting JavaScript, Python and XML.  Currently it is at a fairly early phase of development but already there is quite a list of controls – have a look at the ‘code’ section.  Everything seems to work, all the basics are in place and seem fairly robust.  You could use it as it stands but it doesn’t seem quite up to ‘commercial’ quality yet, probably best described as a pre-release (beta) stage – or as they say – ‘technology preview’.

The Maze demo suggests that it is possible to have a visual display of the program running (as in Scratch)


The project is open source so could develop quite quickly.  They even have some ideas about why the average ‘man on the street’ might want to develop a program!



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