Full 3D Control for £45

The ‘Flying graphics’ scene beloved by Tom Cruise in ‘I Robot’ and the ‘Mission Impossible’ films are fun and are great for the cinema but I have wondered if they would ever be of any use to me.  Kinect seems good to a point but seemed to lack both any real application and an real precision.

Have seen 3D mice for £1000+ and often wondered if Kinect would ever get to a stage where if could do this sort of thing.  Now it looks as if we’re a step closer.

Leap Motion have announced a small device (about the size of memory stick), that simply plugs into a USB socket  and allows tracking of all 10 fingers to an accuracy of 1/100th of a mm.  Best of all the price looks to be in the order of £45 ($70) and is available for pre order now (release early next year).

I think that this could really be something if applications are developed with it in mind.

engadget article

Leapmotion Website


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