A podcasting comeback?

Whatever happened to podcasting?  I’ve not heard very much about it recently.  I’ve also been hearing about the decline in blogging and yet ‘Social Media’ seems to be ever increasing.  My own ‘take’ on this is that the desire to have your voice heard is still as strong as ever but new ‘tools’ (mainly a variety of Apps) means that this becomes ever easier and value is added by mashing your work with other information (eg a trail of photos mapped onto Google maps simply by lining to your cameras personal cloud).

One of the nicest Blog reader is Flipboard, now Flipboard is mashing sound into the reading experience so now you can have music or radio at the same time as reading your blog.  Whilst this is unremarkable as it stands (why not just play music through your media player?) In the future I can see how this will link to spoken text and youtube clips, you read an article and can then podcast a response that becomes linked to it maybe?



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