Beautiful Fonts

In Windows 7 Microsoft have use advanced font handling routines – the result is that you can now use more creative font sets and features.  There is much to write about this and I’m just scratching the surface but the most striking I’ve seen is the Gabriola font.  Further sets are available, look for OpenType Font sets.

Gabriola is a font definition with a number of so called ‘Stylistic’ sets.

In Word:

  • Select some text
  • Open the font dialogue box (Ctrl D)
  • Change the font to Gabriola
  • Select the advanced tab
  • Chose the style set


The font changes depending on the context – as you type.  If you type ‘murmur’ for example the second m will loose it serif so that it doesn’t run into the preceding r.  Brilliant 

If you use this in an email (which you can) then remember that the effect may not show up on the recipients computer if they don’t have either the new font engine or the new font set.

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