DNS Changer Virus

I don’t normally bother with writing about viruses but I do get lots of questions about them and clearly there is a lot of misunderstanding about them.  It’s a good idea to discuss them now and again even if just to help identify what they are and how they work.  Another useful spin off is to consider the amount of work that goes into combating them.

The DNS Changer virus is one of the big ones and is due to ‘strike’ on the 9th July.  This article by Woody Leonhard brushes against a lot of the issues and seems to me to be a well balanced arguement.

The article is here.

In case you’ve not hear of him before – Woody is a world authority on all things Microsoft and has some fantastic articles in dealing with the anomalies both in Windows and in Office.  If you never seen ‘Woody’s Office Watch’ (now called simple Office Watch) then it’s well worth a look – there is a subscription service available.

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