Is and iPad safe (secure) to use in school?

According to Davey Winder (PC Pro Magazine, security consultant) YES.

Android is another matter all together though as malware on Android is developing rapidly and having a security product installed on an android device is rapidly becoming essential. 

Davey suggests that there is no need to install antivirus on a ‘standard’ ipad – not least because all apps all go through the App store.

‘jailbroken’ ipads are less secure of course but it’s unlikely that a virus will affect a whole machine because each app is ‘sandboxed’.

The downside is that no R&D is going into iOS so if a vulnerability is exploited there won’t be a fix for a long time.


2 thoughts on “Is and iPad safe (secure) to use in school?

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  1. Interesting article. I’m testing a number of apps and mirroring ipads via apple tv for class use. I think if this works out the iPad will be an invaluable tool for the classroom.

    1. The other big concern is getting the iPad to integrate well with ‘file servers’ (Active Directory) but anecdotal feedback from those who have tried would suggest that it is easier and better then many seem to fear.

      I’m also very impressed with the new release of Shareplus (3) for integration with learning platforms.

      Apps like SketchBook express are also offering some real depth and beginning to take on some serious contenders.

      I struggle with the practicalities but I maybe need to get into schools that are willing to ‘experiment’ a little more.

      I think that mobile technology is invaluable in the classroom and will continue to be a driver for educational change – I just wish that the ipad played a little nicer with the other children! (and PLEASE get rid of itunes!)

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