Conditional Formatting in Excel

I found an interesting post in one of the Microsoft blogs today – this one deals with conditional formatting in Excel 2012

(OK – OK – well it interests me!)

This one has a downloadable workbook of practical example to show how to do the following jobs (and I could see an excellent ‘school’ application for most):

Cell value Identify specific numbers, dates, and text in a list of products
Cell value (with formula) Identify a dynamically changed number or text value in a list of products
Top/bottom values 
Above/below average
Identify top, bottom, and above average values in a recent book tour report
Top/bottom values Determine who are the top two students in the class
Unique/duplicate Find duplicate rows in a list of customers
Icon set Quickly see revenue status and trends from one quarter to the next
Icon set Compare different product criteria by using a rating scale
Icon set Examine profit trends from month to month
Icon set Identify regional sales below $900,000
Data bars Compare heights of the tallest mountains
3 color scale Examine overall sales distributions in key product categories
Formula-based Shade alternate rows in a range
Formula-based Compare data in a cell outside the conditionally formatted range of cells
Formula-based Shade an entire row where several criteria must be true
Formula-based Shade an entire row if the row is a unique value



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