13 Features of Windows 8

We’re all beginning to get the idea of ‘Metro’ I guess, but what else is there in the next release that might have an impact in schools?

  1. Fast Boot up.  Machines starting in 6 seconds from cold to desktop.
  2. Reset and Refresh.  Reset takes the machine back to default install loosing all software. Refresh just back to default settings
  3. Windows To Go.  Have YOUR install of windows on a thumb drive and take it with you.
  4. The Windows Store.  Like the apple store.  Approved software only.
  5. The ribbon.  Now everywhere – like windows explorer for example.
  6. WiFi Direct.  Quickly connect with devices nearby.
  7. Near Field Comms.  Obvious example is paying for ‘stuff’ – Oyster card style. Maybe taking registers?
  8. Support for ISO images. Been around for a while but not built in.  Makes a common format more manageable eg. play DVDs on devices without players.
  9. Multiple Apps.  If you’re running two apps at once you’ll need a big screen
  10. Support for ARM processors.  Means many more lightweight, faster devices.
  11. SkyDrive integration.  Maybe this isn’t the flavour of the month for schools but it’s ‘free cloud’
  12. Hyper-V. Run older software inside a virtual machine.  Better ‘management’.  Virtual machines for children at home?
  13. Better task Manager.  at last some idea about what is really going on.



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