Rasberry Pi – First sightings

The credit card computer has finally gone on sale.  There are two models:

Model A – £14.61 (+VAT).  256Mb Ram.  HDMI. Audio Out.  RCA Video (+SD Card?)

Model B – £24.55 (+VAT) as above with 2xUSB and Ethernet

Currently only the Model B is available.

The Raspberry Pi is available at either Premier Farnell or RS Components but both sties were struggling with demand yesterday and had to be taken off line.

I’m hoping that someone is going to help me understand where this initiative is SO much better than the BASIC stamp and other PIC based projects (given that PIC chips are < £1.00).

One thought on “Rasberry Pi – First sightings

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  1. Think I will put in my budget to purchase 10, just so that it’s easier to get the students programing without the worry of being on the network etc.

    Problem at the moment is that they use HDMI and all our monitors are VGA. It costs £40 from amazon to purchase a converter.

    It’s a little bit of a farce as most things that you can do on a Pi can be done on other computers. Do you think they will develop new educational software/tools for students to be able to program or explore more computing concepts?

    Not going to be easy getting one at the moment anyway.

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