Changes to GCSEs

I’ve just picked up some information from the Edexcel Website about new GCSEs.  I’ve not had chance to cross check so please read with caution but some of the key points seem to be:

DfE announced changes in October 2011 – in order for courses to be counted in headline performance figures they have to demonstrate several key characteristics.  GCSE are therefore changing.

  • All GCSE assessment will become linear, meaning that GCSE examinations are taken at the end of the course.
  • The availability of examinations will be restricted to the summer only, removing the potential for resitting units.

EdExcel have a new BTEC in Information and Creative Technology, ready for first teaching in Sept 2012, draft specifications and sample assessment materials (SAMs) are now available. Note that the test takes place in an onscreen environment.  The first questiond are really simple but get tricky by the end.

The DIDA qualification will now contain an exam.  You’ll already know (if you follow DIDA) that the qualification is OK for final certification until Dec 2014, there are no details what the new course will look like and the chages won’t happen straight away but this might be one to keen an eye on.

In the mean time I still think that the GCSE in ICT offered by Edexcel is one of the better ones.  Details here

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