More misinformed ranting

I see that John Naughton of the Guardian has joined on the current ‘Teaching programming will fix the world’ bandwaggon.

Apparently John has long thought the teaching of ICT to be a disgrace because if focuses on ‘office skills’. 

Even Rory Cellan-Jones, the misinformed BBC correspondent recognises that the disaster has resulted in a drop of a shocking 2% of university applicants (from 5% to 3%) in his blog post. No mention of the other 95% though.

It’s also interesting to read the comments, usually from programmers who seem to suggest that programming is a good thing  (funny old thing).  The very art of teaching requires high levels of interpersonal skills but this isn’t mentioned anywhere – just get 3,000 highly skilled programmers, give them a school each to work in and pay them £21,000pa and that will be ICT fixed apparently (no mention of their £30,000 student debit though).

All of this is fine but what really annoys me is that this is already a legal requirement for schools and nobody mentions this.  The ‘Office Skills’ argument is thrown up time after time as if all of these ‘correspondents’ had never seen the National Curriculum let alone the Programmes of Study.

I’m delighted that NAACE at least is trying to put forward a balanced argument.  If you’re an ICT teacher and not joined NAACE yet then maybe this is the moment in time to give them your support.

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