News from the ‘Department’

Michael Gove spoke to The Schools Network (formerly SSAT) on the 1st Dec.

The speech is very interesting and addresses some (but by no means all) key  concerns.  You can see the transcript here.

I’m particularly interested in the second part as this really starts to address the teaching and learning aspects and chimes with my own ideas to a surprising degree.  Mr Gove provides a lot of generalities with few specifics though.

I am absolutely committed to ensuring that our school system not only prepares pupils for this changing world, but also embraces the technological advances which are transforming education.

A nice statement simply backed up by:

we’ll be saying more in the new year.

I am pleased however that he has ‘got’ the bit about transforming learning rather than just doing the same as we do now but with a computer.  I’m pleased that gaming and programming appears to be small parts of a much bigger picture and I’m pleased that he has seen that the picture is about ICT AND cross curricular use and that there are other element sin the mix (eg, teacher training and school efficiency).

The Rasberry Pi still gets a positive mention – not bad given that you can only buy keyboard stickers (as in a single sticky image), as do books by Chubb & Moe and by Michael Nielsen (so there are two books for the Christmas list maybe?)

It all kind of points to BETT being a little higher profile than normal? – maybe?


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