More on the state of ICT In schools

Radio 4 today carried a 5 minute article about the ‘crisis’ in English schools – namely the teaching of ICT.

This is their synopsis:

Some of the biggest firms in hi-tech, including Google and Microsoft, are calling for major changes in the education system to give Britain the computing skills it needs to compete. Technology correspondent Rory Cellan-Jones and Alex Hope, co-author of the Livingstone Hope Review which looked into the skills needed for school leavers to fully engage in the video games and visual effects industries, outline the concerns.  

You can Listen online

Apparently the disaster that everyone has now agreed on is that University entrants have dropped from 5% to 3% (around 46% of the best graduates find jobs apparently).  Again the answer seems to be to drop ICT and teach Computer Science with a focus on programming.

What about the other 95% who clearly do not want to learn computer programming?

I find it very disappointing that the BBC cannot find anyone who knows what is going on in schools.  In this interview ICT is characterised as ‘mindless button pushing’ where as teacher who play games with pupils are extolled as ‘enlightened’.  Nobody even mentioned that the teaching of programming is  a compulsory part of ICT for every pupils, every year, that it is a legal responsibility.

You can download an MP3 of the broadcast here.

I’ve written to them – Mr Angry from Wiltshire

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