ICT has a huge role

There was a Policy Exchange today.  Michael Gove was speaking to an august group.  Whilst much was not about ICT Bernadette Brlooks from NAACE was able to ask a question – which was (in broad terms):

“how schools might be encouraged to develop best use of technology so that students can access their learning from outside school, such as may be useful this coming Wednesday”.

(a really pertinent question)

The response I received was:

‘ICT has a huge role to play. I think technology will be playing a larger and larger role in how we make our schools work more effectively in the future. I will be saying more about that soon.

But it’s absolutely right, yes, that both our teachers and students can work from home with the imaginative use of technology and I hope in the future we will be able to make it clear how with the best use of technology we can help parents become more involved in their children’s education, help children learn faster and make sure assessment is better designed to be in their interests.’

See here for link to the talk and  more details – http://bit.ly/s6edNh

–  maybe there will be more to be said later (BETT?)

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