The tide is turning? Maybe …

I admit to being a Roger Walters fan, here is a little snippet from The Tide is Turning:

   Who is the strongest, Who is the best
   Who holds the aces, The East, Or the West
   This is the crap our children are learning
   But oh, oh, oh, the tide is turning

What does this mean to ICT Education? (At a risk of stating the obvious) …

The move to focus more on process then content continues despite massive efforts to the contrary or are we going to stick with classes in rows being told  ‘stuff’.  Lots of teaching, very little learning.


Some excellent news published on the NAACE website today suggests that we have champions fighting for an ICT curriculum that focuses on thinking rather than ‘skills’.

Here is an interesting article suggesting that the government has realised that it’s previous take on ICT is mistaken.  Bob Harrison is a name to look out for I suspect.

Policy Exchange agrees Government ‘mistaken’ on ICT

maybe there is something in this twittey Interweb book thing?

Interesting quotes:

  • “If you don’t see there’s a massive gap between what this community believes and what the Government is saying then I think you are deluded.”
  • “Minister Nick Gibb MP had given schools “permission” <snip>  to think freely and even be “disruptive”.”
  • "more learning and less teaching". (ie process not content)
  • “drop "the continued focus on kit", and stop putting the "e" in front of words like "learning", "safety" and "assessment".” (and can I suggest the i prefix at the same time)
  • “a policy for ICT would be forthcoming shortly, but <snip> it wouldn’t carry a substantial budget.”
  • "I don’t think the Government is doing enough," he added. "It is stuck with outdated view of classrooms and schools and needs to wake up."
  • “future policy should bring in mobile devices – banning them was "bonkers””

PS – sorry if this is a little strong.  This issue is REALLY important to me.

4 thoughts on “The tide is turning? Maybe …

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  1. Bob, great post. Really important that we pick up the momentum of this set of messages. It should link with Mr Gove opening Bett 2012, the hands off approach that is being talked about is great for those who can, what about those who don’t know or can’t?
    There is that real emphasis on networks, sharing etc. teachmeets, vital cpd etc. which is great for these brilliant networks of ‘early adopters’, however, how does this cpd/challenge reach people who are not engaged?

  2. Couldn’t agree more David. Life for teachers is tough, there are lots of great ideas but often these do not get turned into reality because the days are so busy – then the idea gets lost and the same curriculum is taught over. I wonder just how many ICT curriculum leaders in UK schools are familar (active) with twitter, blogs ect, how many are active in online forums. There is still a lot to do I think.

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