Web 4 and Windows 8 – are you ready?

Just to recap …. we have the different ‘versions’ of the web:

  • Web 1 – The Static Web.  Content, Users, Documents, Files, Websites and Equipment
  • Web 2 – The Interactive Web.  Allows simple user creation, blogs, forums, wikis, youtube
  • Web 3 – The Personal Web.  Connecting people/resources/experiences you need (presence (who is online now), people you might know …, recommendations for YOU, twitter (you choose), itunesU, using devices the user has.
  • Web 4 – The Relevant Web.  The web is us – what we get depends upon our actions

Clearly the experience is becoming more and more about the individual and less and less about the device/software/system you have in front of you.  More about the learner and less about the teacher.

I’ve just been reading my first significant reviews of Windows 8. 

You could argue that Windows hasn’t changed much (to a user) since Windows 95 was released, this next release changes all of that. 


I imagine that there will be a range of server tools to manage a Windows 8 environment but, whilst these might be helpful in a mature, corporate environment I can only see the drive towards personalisation and relevance being further stimulated by Windows 8.  This is going to have huge impact in schools.

The challenge for the teaching profession is set to continue.



(thanks to Fiona Aubrey-Smith for some of the clarification)


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