Windows 8 – All about Touch

If you asked most people working in Ed Tech what has been the most significant single technological development in the last 5 years I would be surprised if the iPad wasn’t near the top.  Everything about the iPad (apart from price maybe) seems to mark it as an ideal tool for 1:1 use in school.  Since it’s release (only a year and a half ago) it has become the focus of much positive discussion.

Most PC and phone manufacturers have tried to make their own versions of both hardware and the software, IMHO nothing I’ve seen yet comes close, technically superior – yes of course – but nothing as attractive to the user.

The New version of Windows is reported in this article as being fundamentally built on the Windows 7 phone ‘Metro’ interface with the tradition windows 95 look and feel being available through an APP! – and this applies to Servers as well.

Microsoft suggest that every monitor needs to be touch enabled from now on – I’m wondering where kinect will feature in this?

Windows 8 Start Screen

PC Pro Article

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