Great thought for the new term

We kind of know that we have to embrace ‘New Technologies’ but schools still need to be secure and manage things in the best interests of children, it is sometime hard to balance these demands.  Risk assessment should be based on 2 principals:

  • how likely is it to happen and
  • how bad will it be if it does

If the answer to both is high then there is a need to be strict, if not then maybe there is room to be ‘reasonable’ (… maybe?)

Microsoft have produced some videos that introduce the concept of consumerisation of IT.  Whilst there is a need to be sceptical of the motives I think that the case is well put and supportive of the direction that many of us want to move in. 


Other good videos in this series:

How Technology Is Changing Work Culture

Introduction to Desktop Virtualization

Are there any others?

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