What would your advice be?

I hear a story recently ….

The ICT Coordinator of a school was talking to a group of friends at a social gathering, one of the friends asked for help.

The friend had been diagnosed with cancer and the doctor had advised her not look on the internet because there so much of the content was unscientific at best and often quite harmful.  The friend was quite sure that there was a lot of good information out there.

The question then was “you’re good a computers, how can I tell the good information from the bad”?

In the past I would have spoken about cross referencing and looking at domain names – all sound enough I guess but a tricky question none the less.  Truth is that I seldom use the power of search engines really so I simply forget about tips like using

site:ac cancer

to return only academic papers or making use of the timeline feature to quickly get to the latest research.

I found a link to 100+ Google Tricks for Teachers and thought that there was a lot of really useful stuff there.  The challenge (as always) for teachers is to make this relevant and interesting – just knowing that ‘site:’ is available might not be that interesting but in the right context it could be JUST what someone needs to know.

NB – The opening line of the 100 Tricks website is open for debate maybe

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