How could this happen?

I remember July 1969 – when Neil Armstrong stepped out on to the moon.  I was so full of awe that I couldn’t really understand or appreciate what had happened.  It was almost unbelievable.

Apollo 11 insignia.png

Since then we’ve kind of taken technology for granted, I suspect that our children might see space exploration in the same way as I thought about Captain Cooks  voyages.  I wonder what there is to amaze children today?

I found it hard to believe that the Space Shuttles have been working for 30 years and have now been retired.  Space shuttle Atlantis lifted off July 8 on the final flight of the shuttle program, I’m stunned every time I think of this.

Well done to the Apollo program, well done to the shuttle program and well done the USA.  Thank you.

Have a look at this short video, tell people, inspire children.  This was a key milestone in the history of humanity and I was around. 



PS If you have a decent sound system then crank it up for the first minute – the rumble is just great.

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