Time to get new kit?

Dan Stucke has written an interesting article on one of the problems faced by schools in these times of recession – namely how to keep the ICT infrastructure up to date.  The article then goes on to discuss the various upgrade options – notebooks, phones, tablets, iPads and the like, it even looks at options ‘in the cloud’.

The article discusses his views on some of the  options and is therefore quite long and doesn’t come to a clear conclusion but it makes an interesting read.  It is written with experience and discusses pros and cons of different approaches so provides a useful summary.

One tip that he reminded me of was the excellent ‘equipment planning’ spreadsheet that BECTA produced some while ago.  This is a fairly easy to complete planner that gives you an overview of replacement costs needed – just to ‘stand still’.  I’d strongly recommend having a plan and this tool might be a good starting place.


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