Data Mining

I often talk with schools about the need to be secure in school when using social networking.  Obviously, WordPress, Blogger, Facebook and the like have excellent tools that teachers will want to use but there are security issues about directing pupils to give away personal details to these companies.  Clearly schools will make their own decisions but it’s important to consider the angles.

One of the new startups, Color (a location aware image sharing application (or maybe a spontaneous social networking tool)) seems to be another free social tool like many others – and like many others you have to ask what is the business model behind the app.  Unlike the others the Founder of Color (Bill Nguyen) is happy to declare this – I think it’s worth reading. link

Photo sharing is not our mission. We think it’s cool and we think it’s fun, but we’re a data mining company.

The rest of what Bill says is well worth a read about the possible direction for location aware applications.  I admire the optimism but given that, for the majority of time, I can hardly get any form of phone signal, let alone 3G let alone wireless I suspect that this may be a little way into the future – the implications for schools with imagination are big though.

every time you walk into the restaurant <classroom>, your name will show up with your picture. The maitre d’ <teacher>will know who you are, they’ll be able to welcome you, they’ll know the last time you were here ….


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  1. A timely warning! As “free” services rack up the pressure there will be those who can’t resist exploitation… be warned.. be careful…BEFORE signing up to new projects…

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