Getting attention

The class is playing up, you want their attention but asking nicely isn’t working – you’re about to loose your cool.  Familiar?

You need to set this up and have it in reserve just in case but here is how it goes:

You pick on a noisy character ‘Tom’.  “Tom I can prove my mind control over you … you WILL do as I say

Take out 3 items from your pocket/ bag whatever – keys, whistle, flux capacitor maybe. 

I want you to choose an item and I will use mind control to get you to choose the one I want you to choose

I don’t think so” says Tom

this is the key part of the lesson”, look at the key, “it will unlock your potential”, look at the key. Mention the Jedi mind trick maybe.

Toms comes over and picks up the flux capacitor

Ha ha – told you it wouldn’t work sir” says Tom

At this point you turn over a piece of paper on your desk, on it is written I knew you’d choose the flux capacitor – and suddenly you have everyone’s attention …

No shouting involved.

Hope it works for you …..


The ‘magic’ bit is setting this up so you can’t loose.  On the key fob is written I knew you’d choose the keys but this is face down and can’t be seen – naturally if Tom chooses the keys you don’t show him the paper.  On the whistle lanyard is a similar message – if Tom chooses anything- you win.

Getting the flux capacitor back from Tom might be a snag but at least you’re still on talking terms.

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  1. Love it! I’ll see if the trainee teachers will be willing to give it a go. Maybe best if they try it out with a ‘good’ group first;-)

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