Getting Better at (Digital) Research

The British Library have a project entitled “ Growing Knowledge, The Evolution of Research".

  • How have digital technologies changed research?
  • What are the new challenges they pose?
  • What role should a research library play in the 21st Century?

There are some really fascinating topics including:

  • Map rectification (Realigning old maps to increase accuracy)
  • London Lives (3.3Million records of the 18th Century)
  • Galaxy Zoo – croudsourcing problems that are too massive for normal methods.
  • (a central point for all government held data)
  • 3D Imaging (clever idea to make 2D images appear more 3D by moving the light source)
  • Codex Sinaiticus (a very early bible, transcribed and encoded).

All of these projects are examples of what can be done digitally which would be almost impossible by other means.

Another tool worth of mention is Mendeley.  This tool will search for the data within documents and allows groups to work on research together (automatically building bibliographies etc).  I suspect that this will be for advanced users only but maybe worthy of


Thanks to Terry Freedman for the source article.

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