10 anti-tech words from the BBC

10 anti-tech words from the BBC

1. Plugthug: someone who’d kill for access to recharging facilities.

2. Game-shame: The feeling of slight embarrassment that occurs when you realise what you thought was about half an hour of game play was actually about five hours, especially when you have inadvertently missed an event to which, under normal circumstances, you would have assigned a higher priority than game play.

3. Spamnesia: failing to reply to e-mails from friends, because your computer thinks they’re spam.

4. Meanderthal: someone who tries to drive or walk while using a mobile phone.

5. Sheeple: people who have to go out and buy the latest gadget (usually one whose name starts with an “i”) just because they believe that everyone else is getting one, and they can’t bear the thought of being left out.

6. Memail: e-mail I send to myself to remind me to do things. Everyone else spends all day reading and sending e-mail to each other, I prefer mine to be private.

7. Nerds-nest: the tangle of cables behind your TV or desk.

8. Faceless: what happens when you get either vindictive or drunk and post on Facebook, someone finds it offensive and your account is suspended.

9. Dot con: the process of making money from the internet.

10. When I have a friendly conversation by e-mail with a new acquaintance, I finish the e-mail with “nice to have intermet you.” A smiley emoticon is optional.


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