Optimised Desktop

This is a revolution in the way that schools will be setting up computers from now on.

A bold statement maybe but let me try and outline some features and see what you think.

1. Your desktop is completely delivered ‘as a service’ rather than permanently installed.  For schools this means that you no longer download all your settings (through a roaming profile) – no more big delays when everyone logs on at once, no more broken profiles.  Also easy to change the service so they can be managed.  Want an XP desktop?  no problem, Want Windows 7 – hang on whilst I click this button …..

2.  Application virtualisation.  No software is deployed on your computer, rather applications are run ‘virtually’.  Each person can have have a separate set of applications depending on their role.  Because applications are now virtual they are separated – want 4 different versions of Office? – no problem.  Only want to buy an expensive application for a small group? – no problem.  Applications are automatically deployed as needed.

3. Applications can be run from a server – giving high spec performance on low spec machines.  It appears as an application to the user – they don’t need to know that it’s now running on a different server.

4. Printers are deployed as needed by the user – not installed on the machine

5. Errors are now captured by the virtualisation software meaning that a crash only stops that application and gets sent to the help desk automatically – the rest of the machine is unaffected.

6.  All settings follow the user between operating systems (your office XP settings move seamlessly to Office 2010).

Clearly this is a huge move towards cloud computing.  Greatly increased reliability, flexibility and getting applications where they are needed.  Get all your applications in school from your home machine.  Need access to SIMS from home?

OK – this is ‘techy’ but it’s going to be a really important in allowing schools to do the things they been wanting to do for ages.  When you start to build in the new ‘stuff’ coming in Office 365 – there is going to be a revolution in ‘corporate’ ict services,

If you’re up for a fairly light technical overview you could watch the YouTube clip

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  1. I’ve seen something like this before with Sun Systems Virtual Desktop which has been around for a few years. The “workstation” boots up instantly and everything the user has authorised access to is available. It was great for learners away from school as they have a box (not worth nicking) at home feeding straight in to the central server. I always wondered why this was not more popular in schools – perhaps the time for this technology is arriving…..

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