Don’t buy Microsoft Licences

Until you’ve read this ….

The short of it is that MS are changing the licence model for schools.  From March 2011 you will pay for licenses based on the number of teachers in your school (not the numbers of computers).  So a school with 100 teachers will need 100 licences to cover ALL of their machines – and teacher machines at home.  Further, student licences will be hugely reduced (maybe £15 for Office – that’s a guess though).

The model is called Enrolment for Education Solutions Or EES for short.

If you normally buy your software on a perpetual license (using the ‘Select’ agreement), then switching to this will reduce your annual bill substantially, I suspect that this will be increasingly attractive.  Of course this give you license for all upgrades and latest versions continuously – which is nice.

If you renew now at the current price then you’ll waste 10 months of the new pricing.  It IS possible to buy a 3 month licence if you’re stuck.

I’ve heard estimates of a £18,000 annual bull being reduced to £6,000 thought it might not work out that well for everyone I guess.

I’ll leave you with a quote from a few months ago:

“Anyone who can be replaced by a computer probably ought to be”

This article is the result of conversation with MS reps and posts on the MS Schools Blog.  I don’t (yet) have a link to a definitive article.


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