Visualising Data

Possible one of the easiest visualusation tools for large data sets is Wordle but of course not all ‘word clouds’ are equal and some make their point better than others.

What about creating other sorts of image?  Maybe ‘Many Eyes’ has an answer.

Many Eyes allows you to upload datasets and turn these into a wide range of graph categorised by what you might be trying to do:

  • See relationships among data points
    • Network Diagram
    • Scatterplot
    • Matrix Chart
  • Compare a set of values
    • Bar Chart
    • Block Histogram
    • Bubble Chart
  • Track rises and falls over time
    • Line Graph
    • Stack Graph
    • Stack Graph for Categories
  • See the parts of a whole
    • Pie Chart
    • Tree map
    • Treemap for Comparisons
  • Analyze a text
    • Word Tree
    • Tag CLoud
    • Word Cloud Generator
    • Phrase Net
  • See the world
    • Massachusetts Map
    • World Map
    • US County Map
    • New Jersey Map

You’ll notice that a ‘Wordle’ equivalent is in there but there is SO much more, this could be a great place to start.



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