Interactive Whiteboards

Here is a long overdue article.

I’ve just read an article that Neil Winton found and posted on Twitter.  Basically the article comments on IWBs in a fairly negative way.  I don’t think I am in full agreement, I definitely think that there is a place for them BUT I do agree that they are not cost effective (in terms of improving learning outcomes) in many cases.  The argument that they actually re-enforce traditional styles of teaching also does need to be considered.

There is a lot to be said on this topic and there is no one easy answer, I suspect that many people have promoted IWBs without being fully aware of all of the implications and much money has been wasted.

Interactive teaching is something totally different and I suspect that the two often get muddled.


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  1. I think it may never be truly possible to judge the value of the iwb until we can agree on what we are trying to achieve with them and teachers actually embraced the technology enough to test the the limits of these boards

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