BBC Webwise

The BBC have produced a series of videos to explain some fundamental concepts.  The full set can be accessed from here.

The few videos that I have looked at are VERY basic and probably inappropriate for ‘lessons’ but they might be useful to use in other ways – maybe to secure basic concepts at the start of a unit of work.

Here are the links to all the videos:

  1. WebWise- What is BBC iPlayer- (01.08)
  2. WebWise- How do I use a digital camera- (01.09)
  3. WebWise- How do I stop getting spam- (01.09)
  4. WebWise- How do I make free phone calls and video calls online- (01.09)
  5. WebWise- What is the internet- (01.10)
  6. WebWise- What is a firewall- (01.09)
  7. WebWise- Preventing ID fraud (01.09)
  8. WebWise- How can I build my own website- (01.09)
  9. WebWise- What is a search engine- (01.09)
  10. WebWise- What is social networking- (01.09)
  11. WebWise- What are podcasting and vodcasting- (01.09)
  12. WebWise- What is online shopping- (01.09)
  13. WebWise- Buying a computer (01.09)
  14. WebWise- What is email- (01.09)
  15. WebWise- What are computer viruses- (01.05)
  16. WebWise- How do I download files- (01.01)

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