Very interesting ideas

I guess the name Michael Wesch might not be that familiar to many but he is the person who created the ‘The Machine is Us’ video which I’m sure IS familiar to most.

He recently did a keynote speech for Alan November Learning – a world renown e-learning collaboration.  In this speech he raises many really challenging points about the nature of education and our role in this.  The video is quite long (over and hour) so get comfortable before you watch it.  There are many really excellent observations and it’s well worth watching.

As a taster – early on he talks about listening to the questions that pupils ask to find out if they are on a quest for real, deep learning.

  • How many points is this worth
  • How long does this essay need to be
  • What do we need to know for this test

are all examples of pupils NOT on a quest.

He later talks about the changes brought about by new media by using TV as an example – highlighting how relationships are changes by media – it is an excellent perspective to consider what we need to be teaching now.

Keynote Video

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