It was great to see the smiles and enthusiasm generated by a really simple idea.  This had pupils running up to the head of ICT in the corridor at break time to tell him all about it.

Peter Dickenson is the voiceover man for the X Factor and Chris Moyles etc.  He will record any message you like (for a price), this is quick and easy to do from his website

A school I was in recently recorded a simple message and the names of each of the ICT teachers – they were then able to play “todays Lesson Is brought to you by Mr ***” – it’s trivial and doesn’t teach the pupils anything BUT pupils were really receptive and really keen to know how it was done.  What a great ‘starter’ – takes seconds and really got the pupils into the lesson.

Excellent stuff – thanks Chris


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  1. Hi Bob

    You can also download this as an app for £1.59 (I think) as an Iphone / ipad user – a little more limited but cheaper!

  2. Excellent – it’s a cracker.

    Sometimes a little ‘stilted’ but all the better to play around with in Audacity.

    So who can make the best lesson intro with voiceover? or announcement at prizegiving!

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