Videos for Teachers

I know that YouTube isn’t available in most schools but … it’s still a great resource.

YouTube allows you to link your uploaded videos together to form ‘Channels’ – these are usually collections of videos around a particular theme.

This site has listed 100 Channels that might be of interest to teachers.  Categories are:

  • Physical Sciences, Mathematics and Technology
  • Social Sciences, History and World Issues
  • Visual, Performing and Liberal Arts

It’s hard to pick out the best but here are a few to give you an idea

1 Smithsonian Videos The beloved museum’s official channel mostly serves as a hub for its other offerings, but still hosts its own series of videos covering everything from biology to art.
2 TED Talks Dedicated to "ideas worth spreading," TED Talks features incredible lectures, demonstrations and performances spanning every discipline imaginable.
3 Discovery Channel Explore a nice variety of subjects through this channel, which also serves as the YouTube home of the always amazing Mythbusters crew.
7 UC Berkeley Browse UC Berkeley’s extensive lecture archive for long, informative talks on engineering, biology, computer science, physics, history, public health and much more.
8 The Nobel Prize Watch interviews with Nobel Prize winners past and present, gaining some insight into their creative and technical processes.
11 Expert Village Stop by this channel for some potentially useful how-to guides covering almost every topic imaginable.
12 The University of Houston As with many institutes of higher learning, UH has allowed cameras in the classroom to capture some of its most educational lectures and discussions.
17 The Khan Academy Salman Khan at CNN hosts a video series on academic subjects (mathematics, sciences and economics), test prep advice and life skills such as basic banking.
18 Kaplan SAT and ACT Prep When it comes time to study for those standardized tests that everybody loves oh-so-much, turn to this channel for tips and tricks to succeed within the narrow system.
20 UCLA Courses Attend some undergraduate courses in a broad number of subjects on this incredible channel. Everything is completely gratis, of course!
22 Edutopia This organization devotes its resources to promote multimedia, interactive and online learning in classrooms worldwide, making it a wonderful channel for tech-savvy teachers.
27 The Real Bill Nye the Science Guy Beloved children’s show host Bill Nye presents a number of quality videos on a wide range of scientific disciplines.
34 MIT When looking for some of the best lectures and videos on technology and engineering, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology likely has whatever’s needed.
36 Science Magazine As the channel’s title suggests, the videos featured here explore multiple scientific facets.
37 Carl Sagan’s COSMOS Perfect for physics and astronomy classes, these classic videos of the beloved Carl Sagan engage and educate.
38 Garland Science The textbook publishers share some amazing videos and animations pertaining to cellular and molecular biology.
53 History Channel Yes, their YouTube presence focuses on more than just Hitler and Nostradamus.
87 Stratford Shakespeare Festival The event itself may only come once a year, but the channel offers 24/7 lessons on Shakespearean plays and performances.
89 Craft Encourage creativity and productivity amongst students by using these how-to guides as starting points.
93 Words of the World Punch up semantics and linguistics lessons with some intriguing glimpse into the very nature of spoken and written words.
94 The CIA Sharpen an appreciation for the culinary arts and pick up a few useful kitchen techniques along the way with this useful YouTube channel.
95 National Writing Project National Writing Project hopes to educate teachers on the best classroom strategies to help strengthen one of the most integral life skills.
96 HP Graphic Arts Digital art grows more and more popular every year, and Hewlett-Packard enjoys encouraging experimentation with new products and techniques.
100 Walker Art Center Explore arts of all kinds via walkthroughs and interviews with some of the world’s most creative minds.

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