more e-Safety?

This free book from Microsoft goes into a lot of detail on each of the main aspects of eSafety.  Chapter titles give you a general feeling:

Chapter 1: Protect Your Turf
Chapter 2: Know Your Villains
Chapter 3: Nasty “ware”
Chapter 4: Hackers and Crackers
Chapter 5: Taking SPAM Off the Menu
Chapter 6: Cyberbullies
Chapter 7: Phishing for Dollars
Chapter 8: Safe Cyber Shopping
Chapter 9: Browsers Bite Back
Chapter 10: Private Blogs and Public Places
Chapter 11: Going Social
Chapter 12: Friends, Creeps and Pirates Chapter 13: Any Port in a Storm
Chapter 14: Look Pa, No Strings!
Chapter 15: Getting Help
Chapter 16: Tweaks
Appendix A: A Note to Parents


at 240 pages in total it isn’t a 5 minute read but there is some interesting stuff there.

Download website

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