How big is the moon – really?

The idea of this website is to take various things and events and to try and give you a visual idea about how big they are.

SO  – if you took the moon and placed it on Britain how big an area would it cover?

There is a lovely one about how big the Pakistan floods are ….


There are a wide range of categories including Space, Te war on Terror, Environmental disasters, Industrial Age, Ancient Worlds, Depths.

Definitely one to have a look at


2 thoughts on “How big is the moon – really?

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  1. Oh thank you for that link. It’s gonna keep me comparing for hours. As to “putting things into perspective” there is nothing like, erm, perspective. These images certainly help.

  2. It’s great isn’t it? One of the best sites I’ve seen for ages and I quite stumbled on it by accident.

    I was looking for some unusual graphics and just noted the link – fortunately, right then, I had a spare 5 mins to check it out – normally just too rushed to go ‘surfing’. It was a really lucky find, I hope a lot of people see the potential (as you clearly have).

    Thanks for making the effort to comment

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