iPad Charging

Before I start reviewing apps for the ipad I need to clarify the situation about recharging the battery (as I understand it – no guarantees).

The battery for the iPad is fairly hefty (actually it’s two fairly hefty batteries) so it needs a fair bit of power to charge it (them) up effectively.  Apple recommend the special 10W charger –(this has double the power output from the iPhone charger).

Using anything less than the 10W charger is likely to trigger a ‘not charging’ message from the iPad – HOWEVER – it usually does charge anyway, just very slowly.

A normal USB port will only provide around 0.5W so is nowhere near enough to charge the iPAD – it might be possible to get up to 2.5W from a USB port but still this is WAY under the 10W needed. This would seem to suggest that you cannot sync your iPad and charge it at the same time but THIS IS WRONG.  The iPad does receive a small charge from a standard USB port – in sleep mode it might typically get about 5% charge an hour.  With the screen switched on I suspect that the charge will just about keep pace with the drain so there will be no charging but also no drain – effectively.

My understanding is that USB3 will provide 5W at least to each port (which is why it needs a connection to your computer PSU) and will probably provide an effective charge AND allow syncing.

As a final note – there is a ‘dongle thing’ you can buy that hides the ‘Not Charging’ message (I don’t know how) – I seriously doubt that it’ll make it charge any faster though because it doesn’t have any power source.  Save your money.


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