Another TED talk

It would be nice to see this video on a ‘standard’ video site because you can safely skip the first 20% but after that there are a few nuggets:

  • It’s not the colour of the balloon that makes it go up but what’s on the inside that makes it rise
  • I hope that the world will see me not as 7’2” tall but 7’2” deep
  • Part of being deep is about being educated and a life long learner

Video Link

A few other quotes from different sources ….

  • If you want to make the right decision for the future, fear is not a very good consultant.
  • With 300 million people in America, you can fail to impress 299 million of them and still go platinum.
  • Always provide correction in private and praise in public.
  • When I was hacking [in my 20s], I’d be working away and think an hour had passed; then I’d look up, and it had been four hours. Now when I think an hour has gone by, I look up and it’s an hour.

A full list of quotes about predicting the future – from ‘Wired’.

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